Interconnect - Zetron Model 30 Telephone Interconnect

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The Model 30 World Patch is a low-cost, open channel telephone interconnect designed for installation on a simplex radio. It’s an ideal way to add telephone interconnect to simplex radio systems for low power in-plant applications. Its low cost and simple operation make it well suited to applications in smaller radio systems.

APO (advanced programming operation) provides 50 autodials, automatic autodial via 4-click PTT, landline security code for direct air access, FET relay, and other features.

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  • One telephone line input
  • Simplex or half-duplex
  • Fully remote-programmable via DTMF radio or telephone
  • Sampling and VOX modes
  • Repeat audio capability converts a full-duplex radio into a single-user repeater
  • Digital voice delay available
  • Selective calling available for 2-tone and DTMF paging
  • Dial-up remote operation from telephone